Testimonials for Easy Seminar and the
Easy Seminar Quick Start Program

Susan Abrams

The Easy Seminar Quick Start program ignites confidence, inspires action, and provides clear actions steps, resources, and ample time for questions. "I don't know what to do" can never be an excuse if you are an active participant in this program!
-- Susan Abrams, Sheffield, Massachusetts


Kathleen Sims


Excellent program! I really liked the amount and quality of valuable information you give us. Not to mention all the tested resource referrals. Thanks so much!!
-- Kathleen Sims, Concord, Callifornia


Rose Pugliese    

Thanks David for always going above and beyond to help us entrepreneurial coaches push the envelope so we can reach our true potential. I am in the process of launching my relationship coach practice, and was unfamiliar with the whole teleseminar mode of attracting new prospects to my coaching business. I was also unfamiliar with bridge lines and all that they offer. Thanks for giving us the step-by-step to feel comfortable to go out there and train the world, one teleseminar at a time! The material in this course was very helpful and in conjunction with your Million Dollar Practice Mentoring Program, they are a perfect combo. There is NO doubt that teleseminars can be used as a powerful tool to grow our coaching presence and in turn our coaching business. Again thank you David for your integrity, your enthusiasm, your expertise and your master champion coaching skills!
-- Rose Pugliese, Hollywood, Florida


Susan Ortolano    

The amount of information and resources you provide is really amazing!!! Thanks for a great service!
--Susan Ortolano, Woodland Hills, California


Mare Simone    

This course helped me to feel confident and excited to move forward in developing my web presence offering tele-seminars and online products.  I see an abundant future with this easy, fun and ever-increasing stream of income.  I really like how generous you are with your time . I feel so blessed to have signed up. Plus I appreciate the resource page, that alone is worth a lot to me. I'm so grateful to be guided by someone who really knows the ropes and is as successful, generous and kind as you are.  I've paid a lot more and got so much less.  You've worked out the kinks to make tele-seminars an easy, fun and hassle-free way to make money and build my business!  I can't wait to do my next Tele-seminar! It sure pays to go with a pro!
-- Mare Simone, Claremont, California


Cate Cardwell    

This program is outstanding. David's generosity in developing and making available to his network - at no charge - such thorough, valuable training in the art of using a telephone to serve others is truly astonishing. The content itself is amazing. Each class is jam packed with practical, useful, well organized information and plenty of examples. There are detailed handouts and recordings of each session. Questions are encouraged and answered thoroughly.

One of the aspects of the Easy Seminar Quick Start Program that I most appreciated was the wealth of information David provided regarding the highest quality, most cost effective, helpful ancillary resources: headsets, video recorders, free music sources, digital hand held recorders, free audio editing software, transcription services, article directories, autoresponders, market research tools, spam checkers, free web pages, domain registrars, merchant accounts, gateways, shopping carts, and on and on. For the newcomer to all of this, getting a handle on what resources are essential to the production of tele-seminars, where to find them and how to evaluate them, combined with the sheer number of choices to consider - is totally overwhelming. Thank you so much, David! Your recommendations (which reflect years of experimentation) will certainly ease the way for us to get started

It is clear that David is deeply passionate about this program and the possibilities it offers to all of us to extend our reach in the world so that we can serve others - better and more. And David wants us to succeed - in addition to the many hours he has spent developing and presenting this program, he offers ongoing support once the program has concluded. In my experience, David's passion and commitment are rare, and for me they are inspiring and contagious. I feel energized, excited, and ready to do Big Things!
-- Cate Cardwell, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Eleanor Haspel-Portner   

The information and value you generously offer program participants surpasses all others. You honor the brilliance of individuals as you encourage them step-by-step to recognize their deepest potential. Thank You!
--Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD, Pacific Palisades, California


Excellent program! There was so much good info that I will need to listen again and again. Thank you so very much for all the work you put into this.
-- Glenn Taylor, Mountain Home, Arkansas

The sessions are very well organized and focused. David stays on track and follows the study guide fully so I can see what is coming up and write notes when necessary. I absolutely LOVE all the valuable resources David shares. I would spend many hours trying to find those on my own. Thanks, David!
-- (Unsigned)

Very encouraging program and I love the way you see this as possible for all. I'm convinced that telephone offerings are necessary for me to build my practice. Thanks for your leadership.
-- Leah Kramer, San Diego, California

Thank you for the Easy Seminar Quick Start Program. I've learned a great deal and I'm looking forward to using Easy Seminar and taking advantage of all the information you've provided.
-- Douglas Fitzgerald, Ed.D www.Boomer-Living.com