EasySeminar Quick Start Program-
Using Conference Calls to Grow Your Business

This comprehensive 6-module program has a real value of $1,795.00 and is FREE for Easy Seminar users.

And as an added bonus you'll get complimentary access to our Five Step Formula for Teleseminar Sales Flows complete with website templates and step-by-step instructions for non-techies. Check out this 60 minute introduction including examples here

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Rose Pugliese   

Thanks David for always going above and beyond to give us the step-by-step to feel comfortable to go out there and train the world, one teleseminar at a time!

-- Rose Pugliese, Hollywood, Florida

Susan Ortolano   

The amount of information and resources you provide is really amazing!!! Thanks for a great service!

 --Susan Ortolano, Woodland Hills, California

This program teaches practical strategies you can implement quickly to:

      - Grow your list and reach large audiences

      - Create and launch profitable services and programs

      - Generate six-figure income with little or no risk or overhead

      - Leverage your expertise into products, programs, and passive income

The Easy Seminar Quick Start Program covers-

Module 1. How to Produce Professional Tele-Seminars and Tele-Conferences

Module 2. Marketing With Free Tele-Seminars and Conference Calls

Module 3. Making Money With Virtual Classes, Workshops, Trainings, Conferences

Module 4. Getting Clients With Introductory and Promotional Tele-Seminars

Module 5. How to Expand Your Business Through Collaboration and Joint Ventures

Module 6. How to Leverage Your Time and Income With Creative Group Services

Susan Abrams   

The Easy Seminar Quick Start program ignites confidence, inspires action, and provides clear actions steps, resources, and ample time for questions. "I don't know what to do" can never be an excuse if you are an active participant in this program! 

-- Susan Abrams, Sheffield, Massachusetts

Kathleen Sims   

Excellent program! I really liked the amount and quality of valuable information you give us. Not to mention all the tested resource referrals. Thanks so much!!

-- Kathleen Sims, Concord, Callifornia

All modules are recorded and include a comprehensive Study Guide, carefully selected resources, and all the tips, strategies, and step-by-step instructions on how to use conference calls to grow your business.

Being able to use the telephone to conduct conference calls anytime, anywhere, on any subject, for any audience has literally changed my life and empowered me to use my time and creativity to be of service to tens of thousands of people all over the world. By combining the telephone and internet my ability to make an impact as a helping professional has become almost infinite. I can start an organization, create a product, market my services, lead a program, serve my clients and generate income anytime from anywhere at little or no cost.

I firmly believe that if I can do it, you can too. I've helped hundreds of therapists, coaches, consultants and other professionals build successful businesses and I want to help you, Once you join Easy Seminar you'll have access to a wealth of information, support, and resources for using the telephone and internet to get clients and build your business available only to my private network, including this Quick Launch Program.

That's right. The 6-Module Easy Seminar Quick Start Program Using Conference Calls to Grow Your Business, a $1,795.00 value, is FREE as a benefit of becoming an Easy Seminar user.

Our success here at Easy Seminar depends upon your success, so join us right now by claiming your 21-Day Trial here

Mare Simone   

You've worked out the kinks to make tele-seminars an easy, fun and hassle-free way to make money and build my business! I really like how generous you are with your time . I feel so blessed to have signed up. I'm so grateful to be guided by someone who really knows the ropes and is as successful, generous and kind as you are.  I've paid a lot more and got so much less.  I can't wait to do my next Tele-seminar! It sure pays to go with a pro!

-- Mare Simone, Claremont, California

Cate Cardwell   

     This program is outstanding. David's generosity in developing and making available to his network - at no charge - such thorough, valuable training in the art of using a telephone to serve others is truly astonishing. Your passion and commitment are rare, and for me they are inspiring and contagious. I feel energized, excited, and ready to do Big Things! 

-- Cate Cardwell, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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